How you present your home to potential buyers is extremely important and will affect your ability to get top dollar.  Remember that buyers are not just buying bricks and mortar; they are buying a lifestyle.  Your home should reflect a lifestyle that is appealing to buyers and make it easy for them to picture themselves in your home.  How you choose to showcase the space you offer to a buyer greatly affects their perception of your home and their ability to see how your space can meet their needs.

The Mills Team has offered for many years their experienced eye in helping sellers get their homes ready to show to prospective buyers. There are many simple and inexpensive changes that you can make to help your home appeal to a broader audience.  We will analyze your home with an eye to updates needed, maintenance issues that should be corrected, design elements that might be too taste-specific, and the flow of your home.  Because we work with so many buyers, we can tell you firsthand what today’s buyers are looking for.  Our successful track record speaks for itself — you can trust The Mills Team to help you show off your home to its best advantage!

Vacant homes can present an additional challenge; it is hard for buyers to perceive how your space can meet their needs.  In that case, we have access to professional stagers who can provide the elements necessary to give your home a functional and desirable feel that gives you the competitive edge.

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