Home Seller’s Guide

In our many years of experience in selling homes, we have found that there are three main elements to consider in order to successfully sell your home. You can think of it as a three-legged stool; if any one of the three elements are missing, the “stool” will collapse. In other words, if you do not get all three of these elements correct, you will not get the result you are hoping for, ie., a quick and successful sale at the highest price possible.  These three elements are as follows:


The most overlooked aspect of a real estate transaction by consumers is representation. In the state of Indiana, the details of the transaction are typically handled by licensed real estate brokers, not attorneys, as is common in many states. Therefore, the success of closing your transaction depends on the knowledge, negotiating ability, and experience of the broker you select.

In the Indianapolis market, the average REALTOR® sells five homes per year, has been in the real estate business four years and has sold 20 homes in their career. The Mills Team has personally handled over 775 real estate transactions and can put that experience to work for you, protecting your family and your home sale. The Mills Team understands the importance of contracts and the details necessary to successfully close the sale of your home.

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