We Understand Physicians’ Real Estate Needs

We have worked with physicians at every career stage for over twenty years. As special financing programs became available, and our physician clientele increased, we established a reputation as specialists in assisting physicians– we speak your language. We understand your situation and special needs and have tailored our program just for you. We have the experience and education to save you thousands of dollars and to help you avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.  As your practice grows and succeeds, the demands on your time become even greater.  We understand that your priority is your practice and your family, so we go the extra mile to streamline the process and save you time, money and stress.  In short, we are the Physician Specialists!

Another Physician Recommended Their Agent; What’s the Difference?

Each year we meet doctors who bought a home with another real estate agent but are curious once they hear about our program. When it becomes clear they could have used The Mills Team program to save thousands of dollars in the purchase of their home, they are very disappointed. Other agents may claim they specialize in physicians, but we know of no other agents whose experience in serving physicians matches the Mills Team.

We can represent you as a buyer’s agent. We can show you any home. We can represent you in the purchase of a new home. All at no cost to you. The safest first step is to talk to The Mills Team. We are the Physician Specialists, and we believe that one meeting with us will show you why!

So explore our physician resources and contact us to make your own move smooth and easy.

Understanding What You Want

We have assisted hundreds of doctors in the Indianapolis area, and we can put that experience to work for you.

As with any client, the first and most important step is to really listen. We listen to your needs and make them come to life. We want to understand your needs, desires and budget.

Do you have to sell an existing home before you buy?  We can help with that.  It is no fun to live in the home while strangers view your home, have inspections done, and negotiate when you will move out of the house.  Many of our preferred physician lenders can help you avoid this difficult part of moving.

More questions? Contact us! We would love to show you why we are the physician specialists.