Questions to Ask

Choosing a lender can often feel like a daunting task. On one hand, they often seem to be all the same, while on the other, there are a myriad of differences to consider.  So, how do you go about choosing the best lender for you?  The Mills Team is here to help you navigate this extremely important part of the process.  Here are some of the issues that buyers face with lenders:

  • Are the costs fair?  Some unscrupulous lenders will raise your interest rate if they feel you are naive about the process.
  • Is your rate guaranteed? Some lenders offer what seem like great rates in marketing materials, and yet once you have signed up and are ready to lock your rate, the great rate “magically” disappears.
  • Can they close on time?  A big issue in the marketplace today that even affects many of our best-known banks and mortgage companies is their ability (or inability) to close the loan on time.

So Where Should You Get a Mortgage?

Should you go to your bank or financial institution?  Should you get a lender referral from your friends or co-workers who recently bought a home? Do you listen to the ads on the radio & television?  Go through a special program from an employer or other affiliation?

Your best option will be a personalized referral from The Mills Team.  We do not refer the same one or two lenders to every client.  The Mills Team is very intentional about cultivating contacts at many different lenders and keeping abreast of their programs. We will listen to you, learn about your individual needs and refer you to the appropriate lender or lenders that we believe will best meet the unique needs of you and your family.  Contact The Mills Team today to set up your personal consultation.

If you are a medical student, resident or practicing physician, be sure to visit The Mills Team’s Physician Section that contains information specific to your needs.

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